CINERED CR Creative Film Production

We understand that it is difficult to choose vendors for your film production needs, balancing the substantial costs involved with finding a true representation of your company. There are many imporant criteria to consider when making this decision, including number of years in the industry, quality of work, credentials, equipment and client relations.

Industry Presence and Sample Work
When judging the quality of a production company, the first place people look is how many years they have been in the business. Longevity shows that a company has experience in the industry, and a track record of their work. CINERED CR has over 25 years of service in Film Production, surpassing all others in Central America. The quality of our work can be seen in our Video section on Facebook, where you can view a sample of projects we have done for major corporate clients. For example, CINERED CR was recently honored to be chosen by the government to film and produce a video presentation, used by the President when visiting other foreign nations, to visually represent the country of Costa Rica.

CINERED CR also works closely with Trio Films, a leading production company in Latin America. Through this partnership, CINERED CR is able to offer additional production support through a talented cast of Trio Films personnel.

A true Film and Production company should be able to offer all of the latest equipment without having to rely on outsourcing. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most production companies in Central America. Bringing in equipment from an outside source will quickly drive up the cost of production, and limited rental times will put pressure on a tight project timeline. CINERED CR has amassed the most extensive collection of High End film and production equipment in Central America. In addition, all of our equipment is warehoused centrally in the secure Duty Free Zone within San Jose, Costa Rica, offering great tax benefits, and is easily accessible by our fleet of mobile production vehicles. You can visit our Equipment section to review our exclusive list of equipment on hand that can meet the needs of even the most demanding film productions.

Client Relations
When partnering with a production company, it is of the utmost importance they understand your company and project vision. We understand ths, and through our years of experience have developed a proven process of working with our clients to ensure a final product that has always exceeded their demands.